Official is proud to announce its Scholarships for Dreams campaign where students can enter for a chance to win $500.00 towards their dream.

At Official Schoolwear we have always been a dream based company and this is based on the life philosophy of the Father of Official, Barry Claude Berghan. Barry believes that it is critical for everyone to have a dream in their lives and that without a vision, the people perish. He also believes that all children deserve an equal opportunity in life, because everyone is equal.

It is these two founding pillars and wanting to see all children succeed that drive our companys philosophy of ‘resources for children to achieve their dreams’. This inspiration is what gave birth to our Scholarships for Dreams concept. What we hope is that Children will focus on the good in their lives and their futures and this competition will motivate them to move forward in a positive direction.

With this competition our entire company reads the entries and votes on their favorite stories. There is no obligation to purchase any item from Official Schoolwear for any student to win. This money does not go toward any school group or parent body. All winnings go directly to the children so that they can chase their Dreams!

Please look below for some frequently asked questions.


Who is eligible to enter?

Any student that is enrolled in Prep to Grade 12 in an Australian School in 2017.

What are you looking for?

A short story about how this $500.00 can help you achieve your dreams.

What format do I need to provide it in?

All that is required is a written story. However, you can chose to send in a video our PowerPoint or any presentation format you can dream up!

What sort of stories are you looking for?

We are not after any specific type. It could be someone who really needs financial assistance or just someone who is very motivated, focused and organised with their goals.

These are not just sporting stories, these are for any endeavour in your life that you dream about.

Any helpful hints?

We love to hear that you have a plan for your dreams. If you have a plan that has goals, objectives and action steps this is positive. It shows us that you have really spent time to think and plan your dream.


Will there really be 4 scholarships each term?


Is it really $500.00 cash to go towards my dream?