On behalf of Aspley East State School’s P & C Association Uniform Shop, I would like to hereby recommend Official as a supplier of school uniforms. Previously, uniforms were outsourced to local uniform suppliers. This meant we had no control of what was being sold and for how much. Also there were no funds coming back to the school. Nigel of Official advised the school that when running a uniform shop we needed to make sure it was a viable business and a major fundraising venture for the school. No other supplier had talked to us along these lines. Nigel pointed out that usually fundraising at schools saw the same parents putting their hands in their pockets but with uniforms, every family was required to participate – thus spreading the fundraising among all families at the school. The Uniform Shop at Aspley East has now been running for 4 years and we are continually seeing a growth in profits. Official is always behind us coming up with new and innovative ideas to increase our range of what we offer to the children. Official have also recently implemented Scholarship for Dreams in Australia as well as Vietnam and this is them giving back to help those achieve a dream of theirs. How many organisation do you know do this? What a wonderful thing to be a part of. To sum up, Official is highly recommended to any school looking for a new uniform supplier and the Aspley East State School P & C Association staff would be only too happy to answer any questions that schools may have in their quest to set up their own uniform shop. A visit to our uniform shop can also be arranged if desired. We are very proud of our shop and also proud to be associated with Official.
Sharon Window : P&C Business Manager - Aspley East State School

The shirts have arrived and already handed out .... the kids were very excited and they look great!
Mark Kross

Yahhh…THANKYOU so much. You have been incredible to work with, cant thankyou enough. The kids will love them.
Jess – Senior garment Co-ordinator

The Official Online Ordering System makes ordering stock quick and simple. You can track what items you have ordered and when they have been dispatched. You can order online from both Offshore stock here in Australia, and also for international larger orders.
Amy – Uniform shop convenor

You are a miracle worker I am so grateful for the effort you put in for us within the time frame.
Paul - Teacher Assistant

I just wanted to give you the good news that over the weekend we competed in the Southeast Qld Shield tournament and we won the BEST DRESSED AWARD! After putting a lot of thought and effort into the design of our SEQ shirts, it was so nice to recognized at such a large event. We never could have won without your help with the colour selection and design expertise and the multiple variations we went through until we finally settled on the design. I always tell everyone we use Official for our shirts in the hopes that more business will come your way because you guys are the best.
Alice – Team manager and shirt creator

Many thanks for all your and the team’s work in designing and making the cycling jerseys. They certainly stood out & are very popular! I’ve attached a photo of the mob at the end of the ride. Best wishes
Kieran – Cycling jersey co-ordinator

I wanted to thank you and your team for going above and beyond in resizing my son’s shirts which we ordered in a small men’s size in error. You have made one little boy very happy that he can now feel part of the school “year 6 team” and wear his shirts proudly.
Geoff - Parent

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